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Tip #6 - Save Your Card To Contacts


One cool, yet sometimes overlooked feature, of Zappoint is the ability of saving your scanned business cards to your native contact application for iPhone or Android.

Just a couple of things to remember:

1) Make sure that the setting for exporting cards is turned on in Zappoint.

Here is the screenshot from Android version. Simply go to Settings > Export to Contacts Settings and make sure this setting is turned on.

Note, the iPhone version allows you to turn the setting on directly from the Setting screen.

2) With the setting for exporting cards to contacts turned on, every new card scanned and verified will be automatically saved to your native contacts. By "verified" we mean you have to view the card, enter edit mode, and save it. This ensures that you don't import cards that may have the wrong info into your contacts. One last thing to note is that Zappoint only exports the cards that have at least one phone number scanned in - after all we want to be able to do something with the card before we add the contact.


We sometimes get questions about exporting the scanned contacts into a CSV or excel file. The cool thing is that once you have the cards exported into your contacts, you can easily find a tutorial online that is suitable for your specific configuration - YouTube has plenty of easy to follow tutorials to help you do just that.

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