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How I Learned To Be a Business Relationship Guru

Don't worry, you don't have to be "The most interesting man in the world" to make in the business world. There are other ways to succeed.

After reading tons of books on the topic of relationship building and testing the theories in countless real life scenarios. I’ve distilled the art of business networking to three core principles:

Discipline is Everything – the number one reason why we fail at relationship building is due to the fact that we forget or don’t create good habits at filing the business cards we collect into an easy to use database. We end up having cards all over the place and never there when we need them. Using a good scanning tool can save you from this headache.

The First 48 Hours is Pivotal – we have a great meeting, first impression is off the charts, but then we forget to follow it up with a quick and polite email thank you. Days go by and we forget to follow up altogether, more importantly we are forgotten altogether. Don’t let this happen by always sending a polite hello via email after every connection you make.

Context Builds Strong Bonds – 20 years ago the best practice after every meeting was to write down the “where”, “when”, “what you discussed”, and “follow up actions” on the business card of every contact you met. Guess what, the same is true today, except now you can type that into an app that lives on your phone. Having relevant information about your business relationships at your fingertips is key to help you build bonds that last.

Now here is the cool part, Zappoint addresses all of these needs in a single app. You can download it for free at Google Play and App Store.

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