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Why We Created Zappoint

We started Zappoint with the goal of building a tool that helps people bond and strengthen their human network.

Some of our original ideas focused on cool technologies to replace today’s business card. We looked at virtual reality, or the use of audio to exchange information, but at the core we were always trying to help people build connections by improving the way they share their business identity.

As we started interacting with our customers, we learned that people were still in love with the traditional physical business card. There is an emotional bond involved with the handing over of a little piece of your identity. Many people love and are proud of their business cards and we can’t change human nature. But what we can do, is revamp what happens in the business relationship from the moment the card is exchanged. That’s Zappoint, a business tool that uses technology to apply all the best practices to today’s business networking interactions.

While there are many business card apps out there, what we found is that their primary focus is to scan and save the business card information into your smartphone. Their job ends when the card is scanned.

Zappoint is fundamentally different in this respect. Zappoint starts working for you from the moment you scan new business cards into the app. It’s not just a business card scanning app, it’s an app that helps you build and strengthen business bonds.

Our first release of Zappoint gives users 3 business tools in 1. There is the perfect business card organizer that’s fast, accurate, and reliable – it’s the foundation of Zappoint. Next there is the personal online marketing profile – perfect for sharing your business acumen digitally. Finally, there is the easy-to-use relationship accelerator – these are built-in tools that help you be pro-active about strengthening your relationship. One such tool for example is the polite follow-up Hi that ensures you don’t snooze through the time when you’re supposed to send a follow up email to your newly met contact.

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