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Turn it into Magic

Zappoint adds magic to your business cards. When viewing your business card through a smartphone, people see your card transformed into magic. It works with all business cards - no reprinting required. From now on, every business card you hand out makes an unforgettable first impression.

You can share your Zappoint business card via email or your Facebook profile, and send your Zappoint via messaging apps. The digital reach of your business cards shatters the traditional boundaries of physical encounters.

Reach more People

When you update, thousands of contacts get it. When they have changes, you are informed. Your connections stay strong. After all, your contact collection encapsulates your lifelong social journey; it is one of the most significant professional equities you own. 

Building Strong Connections


Live Card

Easy and secure way to share your Zappoint information with new contacts.

Audio Handshake

One tap to reach out to your Zappoint contacts via your favorite communication method.

Quick Connect

Timeline notes ensure your interaction memories are always fresh in your mind.

Memory Crumbs

Instant updates of your Zappoint contact information, changes appear as soon as they are made.

Real-Time Updates

Tell a deeper hidden story with images and text that magically apprear as you view your business card via your smartphone's viewfinder.

Make Every Encounter Unforgettable

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